Double Experience

Double Experience

This event doubles all the character experience.
You wonder what is the difference between character and account experience. This is explained easily. You get missions, killing zombies, etc 2 types of experience, which are also displayed in your HUD.

White is the character and brown is the account experience. Character experience is used to level up your character and account one is for the account level and season pass.

The amount of basic experience are depending on which game mode you are playing and if you have a subscription running. The basic experience in Arcade is 50 and Survival 5 XP. Now depending on your subscription, let's say you have Extreme, then the basic XP gets increased by 300% and then doubled through the event meaning you would get 300 in Arcade and 30 XP in Survival.

You can read more about subscriptions here: and the information about the account experience by going there

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or through our discord server at

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