Special Events

Twitch Drop Event Rules

During special holidays we usually hold special events which include Twitch Drops for everyone and anyone streaming the game under our categories.  The idea for the event is to motivate...

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Valentine's Day 2024 Event

Hello survivors!It's the season of love and here in Infestation you will be able to share your love and your heart with everyone around yo!This year's Valentine's Day event, we will keep it very...

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Christmas 2023 Contracts

Hello survivors,'Tis that time of the year! Xmas and the Holidays are here and we are having our annual Christmas Event!The rewards for these are, of course, all related to our new Xmas 2023 Skinset!...

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Easter 2024 Event Contracts

Happy Easter!Easter is upon us and so is the magic of Bob!Yes, Bob, our beloved bunny rabbit is back to celebrate this Easter Event with you again!So what is the event about?EXPLOSIONS! Boom boom,...

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