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Season Pass

WHAT IS SEASON PASS?Season Pass is a pass you can purchase in game with GC that will grant you rewards as you progress through it. It starts upon purchase and there are different rewards for each...

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How to link your Twitch account to your Infestation account

In Infestation, we run some occasional events that require you to have your Twitch account linked to your Infestation account.  These events are both for watching streams and streaming...

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Streaming Events - Rules & Guidelines

Every now and then we release some special Streaming Events on the Twitch platform.  The reason we only use Twitch for these events is because it is currently the only platform that let us...

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Specialist Contracts in Survival

Specialist Contracts Specialist Contracts can be obtained from the Contract Box. Rewards are going to be the Specilist Skin of the item and a Specialist Coin. Specialist Crate ...

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How to Enable Past Broadcasts (VODs)

When applying for partnership and while being a partner, it is essential for Past Broadcasts to be enabled. The reason for this is that since you are carrying our company and game's name next to...

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Double Currency

Double Currency This event doubles all the currency. Every game mode has it's own currency, from Game Dollar in Arcade, over survival dollars in Survival towards tokens in Battle Royale and...

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Double Reputation

Double Reputation This event doubles the reputation. You earn reputation by just fighting and killing other players and depending on your character rank, you earn plus or minus reputation. The...

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Double Experience

Double ExperienceThis event doubles all the character experience. You wonder what is the difference between character and account experience. This is explained easily. You get missions, killing...

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