Subscriptions System

In addition to buying subscriptions ingame using GC, there is also the option of signing up for a Subscription. 

What is a Subscription?

As the dictionary, a subscription is the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something.

That means you will sign up with your favorite payment method (except for cash payments and gift cards) and every 30 days, it will automatically be renewed and charged on your card/Paypal. 

What are the advantages of a Subscription?

In addition to the automatic renewal system, it is also cheaper. 

For example, a Premium account ingame costs 600GC. 

A Premium subscription is only €2.75;

How to renew a subscription?

As long as you keep the payment option chosen active, it will be automatically renewed monthly. 

How to cancel a subscription?

To do that, you need to contact Xsolla at for a cancellation or you can send us a ticket and we will make the request for you. 

Where can I sign up for a subscription?

To do that, head to our STORE and login to your account. 
(Make sure you are logged into the right account. You can check and confirm it on the top right side of the page and on the top right side of your character screen ingame).

Then click on the OPEN STORE / BUY GC Button:

Then, on the Store you will see buttons on top. Select SUBSCRIPTIONS:

Select the plan you want and click on CONTINUE:

Choose your prefered payment method and finish the payment:

Done. You have now signed up for a Subscription. 

It will be automatically every 30 days on your card/account accordingly and it will renew your subscription. 

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to send us a TICKET

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