Repairing game files

Sometimes it can happen that some files in your game are corrupted and they need to repair. 

Either if you're playing through Steam or our standalone launcher, you can do that in a very simple way. 


Open your Steam and go to your Library. Then right click on the game (It works for all three titles: Infestation: The New Z, Infestation: Survivor Stories and Infestation: Battle Royale) as such:

A window will pop up. Then you can click on LOCAL FILES

Then on that page, you will click on VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAMES FILES...

Then a window will pop up with the progress. Just wait till it's finished and your game files will be repaired. 


To repair your game files through the launcher is even easier. 

Open your game launcher and click on the settings Icon, on the top right. 

Then, click on REPAIR GAME

When you login, it will recheck all the game files. 

If it hasn't been a while since you last updated your game, we highly suggest you clear your cached files, using these two options: