The following are in-game rules about behavior within the game environment. Following these rules is not optional and they are an addition to our TOS

Rules are meant to be followed. If you disagree with any of them, feel free to contact us anywhere, but as long as the rules are here, they ARE to be followed and are not optional.

  1. You cannot abuse any kind of glitch for any reason whatsoever.
  2. No intolerance of any kind is allowed. 
  3. If a server has certain rules, you cannot find ways within the system to bypass them. 
  4. Accounts are personal and not transferable. 
  5. Everything you CAN buy in the game is for personal use only and not for resale. 
  6. The buying and selling of game accounts are not allowed within our game. 
  7. Accessing other players' accounts goes against our rules. 
  8. You are NOT allowed to sell and buy items on other websites for real currency in any of our social networks and our official discord Accounts are personal and only the owner of the account is allowed to change their emails. We will NOT give any kind of support to people who get "scammed" while trading outside the game.
  9. You CANNOT advertise selling/buying items for currencies other than in-game currencies (Game Dollars and items).  Items marketed outside the game might get deleted, removed, or wiped without notice and accounts might be banned. We will NOT restore these items, do it at your own risk.
  10. Your password and your email are your responsibility, not ours. Keep that in mind before sharing any kind of information. 
  11. All the information we are allowed to share on an account is your username. The rest is up to you. 
  12. We are not allowed to share any kind of proof on bans that would expose our detection systems. 
  13. Cheating will always result in a permanent ban. 
  14. Players are treated by their accounts, not personal names. 
  15. You may not kill Fredaikis in-game. 
  16. We do not require any kind of personal information on your account registration and therefore we do not store such. 
  17. Your IP and HWID are stored for your own security and our anti-cheat. It will never be exposed in any way, shape, or form publicly. 
  18. Our Staff team is here to work on behalf of the game and only that. You must respect the Staff. 
  19. You may not share any kind of personal information about any player within our game. There is literally no reason at all for that. 
  20. You are not allowed to impersonate anyone. 
  21. No real-life threats of any kind. Keep the arguing in-game. 
  22. No advertisement is allowed whatsoever. 
  23. As long as you are playing our game, you are allowed to stream or record videos and publish them freely. No censorship will ever happen. 
  24. If you think someone is cheating, don't hesitate to use the REPORT button so they can be verified by our multi-layer Anti-cheat system. 
  25. Associating with cheaters, scammers, reputation booster or anything that is against our rules or TOS will result in punishment to everyone involved. 
  26. Macros that helps to control the recoil or spread aren't allowed.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at any of our social media or support channels. 

Support page:
Support email: [email protected]
Business inquiries: [email protected]
Fredaikis Official Website:

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