Twitch Drop Event Rules

During special holidays we usually hold special events which include Twitch Drops for everyone and anyone streaming the game under our categories. 

The idea for the event is to motivate players to stream the game while giving back to the community. With that in mind, it is important that everyone has the chance of participating, not to hoard all the viewers in the category for days without bringing any new content, only the same content in a loop.

So we are setting up some basic rules:

  • Only Live videos are allowed; 
  • Long AFK periods are not allowed as a streamer;
  • You have to follow all of Twitch's TOS while streaming our game;
  • Respect towards the game community

These rules are not optional and have to be followed in order to keep your drops enabled during the events. Remember that these rules are also implied ingame, which can also mean that your game account might be affected. 

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