Blue Blood - Photo Contest

Hello everyone!

While we're holding the Police Event and all of its content, we're bringing a simple Photo Contest Event!

Rules are very simple: 

  • Photos must be taken from ingame with no external content added.
    • You can edit the image and add filters and such, but nothing unrelated to the game can be added to the game.
  • Photos must be posted in our Discord Channel, which you can go to directly from this link.
  • Photos must be related to the Police Event or even the past Police Event we've held in the past.
  • You cannot mention other clans/players that are not participating in the photo you're posting. 
  • All our game rules and Discord rules also apply to the rules for the pictures. 

So, gather your friends, find a nice view and post your pictures!

Rewards will be announced soon (GC). 

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