Viking 2022 Event

We will have 4 contracts for Survival and Arcade during the Viking 2022 event. Here is a small explanation on how to reach the end reward, "Viking 2022 Skinbox".

The most important contracts are the first 3. You have to finish these missions to get a Viking stone as a reward. So basically 3 contracts are there to collect these stones and the 4th one is to exchange the stones for the Skinbox in the trading lounge (Arcade) or Blue Ridge Safe Zone (Survival).

To complete these contracts, you need to kill Zombies with melees such as Hatchet, Sword of the King or the Spear of Blood.

  • You will get Viking Stones as a reward on each contract
  • You can also get these stones by killing players but there is no contract needed. Every players death has a chance of 50% of dropping one.
  • You need 10 Viking Stones to finish the last contract and get the Skinbox as a reward
    • In Survival, you trade them in at the Blueridge Safe Zone
    • In Arcade, you trade them in in the Trading Lounge

Where can you find all these melees and contracts? There are Viking crates all of the maps which you can open and loot. Some spots are Viking-themed but you also have a chance of just finding crates randomly across the map.

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