Vikings Event 2024

Hello Survivors!

By popular demand, it is finally back!

We are bringing back the Vikings Event in 2024 and with it, we have our missions and items for it!

So to help you with that, we will guide you through these missions in both Arcade and Survival.

First of all, look out for the Viking Spots in all maps. This is an example that can be found in Colorado, but there are multiple spots in all the maps, so look for them as well!

In these spots, you can find Contracts, mission items and unique event items.

For each of these contracts you will have a slightly difference on the missions: 

  • Kill Zombies with a Hatchet
  • Kill Zombies with a Sword
  • Kill Zombies with a Spear

These missions will grant you Stones. Those Stones can in turn be exchanged for Vikings 2024 Skinboxes!

In Arcade, you can trade it on the Lounge;

In Survival, you can find the trading place in Blue Ridge Safezone;

So keep at it, collect your Stones and turn those stones into gold! 

Good luck to everyone!

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