Easter 2024 Event Contracts

Happy Easter!

Easter is upon us and so is the magic of Bob!

Yes, Bob, our beloved bunny rabbit is back to celebrate this Easter Event with you again!

So what is the event about?


Boom boom, delicious boom!

During this event, we will have 5 kinds of contract per game mode (Arcade and Survival)!

The contracts are mainly about taking your Easter Egg Grenades and blowing stuff up! Or zombies. Ok, mostly zombies. 

So, collect these contracts, collect Easter Egg Grenades and blow them up to delicious smithereens!

How can you get these contracts?

Simply put, find surprise eggs, open them up and cross your fingers! 

And what do they contain, just contracts? No!

You can also find Easter Egg Grenades, one of the new Bunny Suits and some delicious Easter snacks!

Been there, done that. Now what?

Ok, so after completing these contracts, you can visit Bob, the meanest little bunny rabbit! 

On Arcade, you can find it in Lounge, just lounging with his entourage!

And on Survival, he will be sitting on a crate inside Blueridge Safe Zone! 

Visit him, he will reward you with the new Easter Skinboxes for getting rid of those zombies! Eeeeeveryone wins. 

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