Box Hunting Event!

Hello Survivors,

This weekend we will be doing a very different and special event!

We will be placing lockboxes with a password around servers in all regions with some cosmetic items for you to find!

Now here's the catch: They will be placed in Arcade Official Servers. Which means, not only do you have to find them, but you will need to get out ALIVE. 

No special rules apply to this event - If you find it, put in the password and get out with it, it's yours. 

If someone else finds it and you kill them, their loot is ALL yours!

Start: 05.05.2023, 1:00 PM CEST

End: 08.05.2023, 1:00 PM CEST

Each locker will have these skinboxes and will NOT be replenished. So you might find it, put in the password and they'll be empty!

5 Lockboxes will be placed in one server [should I add the server here?] in each region in Arcade. 

In each of the servers, they will be placed in the same 5 locations, BUT NOT THE SAME SPOTS!

So for example, and I will use this an example as this will not be one of the locations (this is your first hint, wink wink): There is a box that is in Clearview, which could the direct hint. Now, they will all be placed inside the Police Station. BUT they won't be placed in the same exact room every time. One could be in the cell, the other in the office, the other right outside by the police cars.

Our hints may be extremely direct - with the name of the city/town OR they can have just an indication, a pun, a reference to the area, so just read carefully!

So here we go... The HINTS for each lockboxes are the following: 

  1. Campos - Yes, that's the only hint. ANYWHERE in the whole city!
  2. It seems as if it was a safezone before, but it's not anymore. Keep driving south;
  3. Boulder City - Also anywhere in the whole city;
  4. A vintage PVP spot that had a map of its own made;
  5. There was a huge fire there;

And the password for the lockers is: 23fentotsi0a2in

Hurry up & Happy Hunting!

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